Monday, September 1, 2008

Greatest show on dirt

We celebrated Labor Day in style by going to the last regular season game for the playoff-bound double-A Angels affiliate Arkansas Travelers. And the kids thoroughly enjoyed their first live baseball game.

Dickey-Stephens Park, the brand-new North Little Rock home of the Travs, just opened this year.

O'er the land of the freeeeeeeee ...

The kids industriously tucked into some sort of ice cream pellet treat that their dad found for them.

After a couple innings' practice, Archer became quite attached to the process of keeping score. While cheering during exciting plays, I would hear him at my elbow: "Mom, what do I put down?"

A light crowd for a very rare day game.

Toward the seventh inning stretch, Cady Gray became punchy from the excitement and started pretending she was a lemon.

Covered with chocolate sprinkles, flushed from a trip to the collection of inflatables behind the right field wall, she's feeling her oats.

Thanks for the fun, Travelers -- we'll be back!


Anonymous said...

Mucho thanks by the way to our companions for the day, The Welkys, who suggested this outing and arranged the ticket-buying. Right behind Cady Gray you'll see Jude Welky, her dancing partner for much of the day.


Adam Villani said...

Archer might be interested in a book called "The Joy of Keeping Score" by Paul Dickson.

Ali said...

The pleasure was ours. :)

doafy said...

Man, Archer has the intense look of every serious baseball score-keeper I've met. And by every, I mean the one. Adam, doesn't he look like Ted there?

I sense a serious hobby on the way for Archer.