Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can I get into a more exclusive club?

Archer ginned up this computer printout for me yesterday -- a reproduction of the records he gets when he takes a reading comprehension test at school. My reading skills need some work, apparently, even though I've read that book approximately three dozen times in the past five years. I don't think I deserve to be in the 12.5% club.

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Meanwhile, Cady Gray asked for a sheet of addition problems to do before leaving for school today. (I wrote the problems, she wrote the answers, and I tried to give her 100% with a red pen that wouldn't make a mark.) And between last weekend and today, she's figured out the concept of division. Lest we think that she's just a smaller version of her number-cruncher brother, she also delights in telling us that she has a boyfriend at preschool named Sam. "Sam says, 'I'll hug her but I won't kiss her!'" she repeats amid gales of laughter.

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Kimberli (aka Wacky Auntie) said...

Donna...please tell my your darling Cady Gray is exceptionally advanced in mathematics. If not, then my 4.5 yr old son is woefully behind (as he sits over there playing with a pile of change, trying to remember which are the quarters...let alone what 25cents means). Off to go grill him in the basics of rudimentary addition...