Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogging elsewhere

Tonight I took over as Noel's replacement on the TV Club blog for the marvelous Better Off Ted. (Seriously, don't let the goofy name fool you -- this was the best new show on television last year, and by some crazy miracle it got renewed at the last minute. The half-season that got filmed but not shown when the network put it on hiatus is now airing over the summer.)

So I think I'll let that count as my blog for tonight. I'm watching the All-Star Game, finishing up my post on The Woman Chaser for this week's "Wrapped Up In Books" discussion, and trying to use my waning few hours alone at home to get a little further on my organizational tasks. Tomorrow Noel and the kids will return, and I'll be glad to see them even though I've kept up too manic a pace here to feel the pain of missing them too badly. Bring on the weekend!

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