Friday, July 10, 2009

The tranquility of solitude

Both kids are camp-free next week, one of the few occasions this summer that's true. And Noel has decided to use the opportunity to take them to visit his parents in Nashville, Tennessee for a few days.

I'll be staying behind here in Conway. And I know Noel won't take it amiss if I confess that I'm looking forward to the quiet, empty house. He looks forward to the same thing every day when the kids go off to school or activities. And we're pretty good about giving each other time to ourselves by trading off taking the kids to the playground or some such.

So really, Noel is giving me three and a half days to myself. When you're a parent, that sounds impossibly luxurious. Never mind that I have three half-day meetings to attend at work during that time, a dentist appointment, three writing assignments, and two church services at which I'm preaching. Nothing of that kind can diminish the indulgence of a home where your time is completely your own.

What am I planning to do with it? There's much knitting and stash organizing to be accomplished, of course. Noel would appreciate it if I tackled something on the home improvement list, and maybe I'll try to take a half-day off of work (if I can find a half-day amongst all those meetings) to make at least a start. I've got a big stack of books to read. I'd like to play some video games.

Putting it all down, it sound rather a lot to try to pack into three-and-a-half days, especially when work at the office continues apace. But I have no doubt that even if I don't get my fill of being temporarily and contingently single and fancy-free, I'll be ready to welcome my wonderful, sweet, shockingly entertaining children back into my life before their little vacation is over.

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