Sunday, July 26, 2009


Amazingly, there are only three weeks left in the summer. After that, school starts up for three of us, and Noel gets his home office back full time. Here's what I'm looking forward to in the meantime:
  • Funny People. I know that early reviews indicate this Judd Apatow film might lose its way in the third act, but I've been looking forward to it ever since the first trailer. Practically all my favorite people in comedy right now on screen at the same time, and the return of dramatic Adam Sandler, who was so wonderful in Punch-Drunk Love.

  • Finalizing just one syllabus. I only teach two classes, but for the past eight years I've been coordinating the team-taught freshman course, which means putting together a complicated syllabus for 120 students and eight instructors. This semester that duty has been passed to another, which means I'm only responsible for myself and my one seminar. Really takes the pressure off.

  • Shopping for school supplies. Oh, how I love the boxes of pencils, markers, composition pads, folders, and the specialized holders to contain it all. I wanted to get started this weekend, but Noel informed me that school-supply season doesn't begin until August 1.

  • The kids' birthday party. Well, technically this isn't until August 22, and technically I'm not looking forward to it, since I'm already feeling guilt about the slacker route we're taking. But if I can get a second to think about Mario-themed activities, I'm sure I'll start getting excited.

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