Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Working out

In the middle of my second 30-Day Challenge on EA Sports Active (this time on the Hard intensity level -- oof), our resistance band has finally shredded into pieces. Noel had to go pick up a new one at the big box store so I could complete my workout tonight.

It's been a few months since we started working out with Wii Fit and EA Sports Active on a daily basis -- about 30 minutes a day, at least. When Noel posted about Wii Fit on the A.V. Blog, some commenters carried on an interesting discussion about whether such workouts could do any good, given how minimal a commitment to exercise they represent.

I tend to take the view that anything is preferable to nothing. The workouts on both games can be challenging. After playing one for awhile, I tend to find doing the other one unexpectedly difficult. They're working different muscles, different endurance capacities.

I'm not losing any weight. But I think I've built some muscle -- that is, if my ability to perform some of the exercises is any indication. And whenever I don't overindulgence in artificial sweetener or big meals, it's clear that my body shape is changing.

When I do overindulgence -- as I did this past weekend, compounded by skipping two days of workouts -- I can tell the difference immediately. My belly pooches out and I feel sloppy and bloated. The only cure is a tough workout. Those blissful evening hours of knitting and watching television must be earned.

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