Monday, July 20, 2009

Why does the sun really shine?

Comes news that They Might Be Giants are continuing their series of children's albums -- No!, Here Come The ABCs, and Here Come The 123s -- with Here Comes Science.

Now like all self-respecting geeks, we love TMBG in this house. I was actually a little too old to be in their demographic heyday, but I made up for it in grad school. Many of their songs have made their way into the soundtrack of my life, especially the more sublime John Linnell-penned tunes. When I got my iPhone a couple of weeks ago, "I Can Hear You" ran through my head non-stop for days.

I've been delighted that TMBG have come into the kids' lives through these new albums and DVDs. And the magic is still there: "There's Only One Everything" and "Pictures Of Pandas Painting" are plenty catchy and fascinating for the parents of those kids at whom 123s and ABCs are directed. Parents like me, who sing along under their breath, and who can't wait to learn a little bit about photosynthesis in hummable form.

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