Friday, July 31, 2009

Safety dance

Today's post about the final round of a month-long knock-down drag-out is at Toxophily.

All week long, while Archer's been at language camp, I've been putting notes in his lunch with questions for him to answer and blanks to write in his response. Since he had promised on Wednesday as we were walking home that he would dance the polka with me "this weekend when I have more time," I wrote the following in yesterday's lunch note:
Can you tell me the steps for doing the polka?
Step 1: ____________________
Step 2:____________________
Step 3:____________________
Step 4: ____________________
When I fished the note out of his lunchbox last night before packing his lunch for today, I found this response:
Step 1: Find a partner.
Step 2: Turn on music.
Step 3: Hold hands.
Step 4: Twirl!

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