Sunday, September 20, 2009

Breathe in

It's time for another week to start, the first "normal" one in a while. Everybody's home, school is in session, work proceeds apace. Yet once again I feel cheated out of my full weekend's due of leisure; I fussed over my lecture today, created a powerpoint, wrote a post for this week's Wrapped Up In Books discussion, and tonight I'll be participating in the Emmy liveblog with other A.V. Club staffers. Sunday didn't hold a candle to Saturday, relaxation-wise.

And it's shaping up to be a busy week. In addition to the lecture and attendant stress, I'll be a guest in a class at the college across the railroad tracks on Tuesday, and I'll chair a tenure committee meeting on Wednesday. The TV premieres are beginning to come thick and fast, so more evenings than normal will involve an hour or two of writing. On Friday, freshman papers will be turned in, and although I've arranged with my teaching assistant to take one day off from grading next weekend, one day will still be on.

I've got no basis for complaint. Some people in this house work practically every second they're awake, and I've had a long summer where pretty much every evening and weekend was my own to command. But I'm terribly jealous of my leisure time. The one thing that didn't happen this weekend that I might have hoped for was an extended time alone in the house to play with yarn. Because of the rainy, humid outdoors, and because of a daddy-daughter date this afternoon, there just wasn't a chance to shoo the three of them out and enjoy some productivity on my own terms. Ah well -- there's always next weekend. I'm already looking forward to it.

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