Friday, September 25, 2009

Spelling sentences, third grade version

I haven't had much creative work to post from Archer's third grade classroom so far this year. From what we hear, it's mostly been about multiplication tables and U.S. presidents. But finally yesterday Archer brought home a sheet of sentences he wrote with his spelling words. (His teacher wrote "Good use of creativity!" encouragingly at the top.)
chew: "Chew your food."
flew: Devin has flew 'fore. [The "be" in the last word is erased and replaced with an apostrophe; the teacher circled it and wrote a question mark.]
grew: The plant's roots are growing.
shoot: Will you shoot a basket or not?
noon: We eat lunch at noon, and that's true.
new: The opposite of old is new (that's easy!) [Teacher's note: Good!]
loose: Is the cat loose?
dune: There is a dune that's uniquely shaped in the desert.
choose: Do you choose coins or Stars?

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