Monday, September 28, 2009

Give me one reason

In two weeks, the A.V. Club's second book will go on sale. It's called Inventory, and if you're an A.V. Club reader, you not only are familiar with the feature therein celebrated, but you're also sick of seeing the book promoted on the site already.

Like most projects like this, I have only vague memories of spending most of 2008 composing brief blurbs for crazy lists that had been proposed for the book. (It's mostly new material, with a smattering of greatest pre-existing hits. And looking through it now -- our copy arrived today -- I find it very hard to remember what I wrote and what I should have written but somehow managed to foist off on someone else.

And by "looking through it," I mean "finding myself fifteen minutes later still standing in the bedroom with a child's discarded clothing in my hand which I was on my way to put in the laundry before I decided to pick up the book for a quick looksee." I'll sound like a shill for saying it, but this is the kind of book that'd I'd get sucked into even if I didn't have a small hand in writing a small part of it.

If you're one of those people -- the kind who can't resist a good list, obscure and eclectic popular culture, disputable but persuasive opinions, and the obsessive ordering of all of existence into incredibly narrow categories -- you just might like it, too. Warning: contains far more swears than necessary. Makes a perfect gift. I don't get royalties. On sale October 13.

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