Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Evidence of activity

Lately it seems that all I've been doing is pinballing from one time-sensitive assignment to the other. Writing deadlines, committee deadlines, class preparation ... as soon as one is complete, the next one pops into place.

The premiere example occurred last night. After a day spent (a) preparing for class; (b) teaching class; (c) going to another campus to appear as a guest in another class; (c) watching a TV show online; and finally (d) writing a review of the TV show -- that takes us up to about 4 pm -- I went home, had dinner, helped get the kids to bed, worked out, and then settled down to watch another TV I had agreed to write up. No big deal -- it was reality TV, and I can usually write those up while watching them and post the write-up immediately after they end. Except that unbeknownst to me, the show had a double episode last night. Instead of one hour spent watching and writing, it was two hours. When it was over and the write-up was posted, it was time to make the kids' lunches and go to bed. Day over with just about every spare moment spent on the job.

But I think that tonight marks the start of a slowdown in deadline volume and frequency. Not that there's not still plenty to do -- all the reports and projects I've been putting off while dealing with deadlines, for starters -- but maybe it'll be a bit less hectic

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Timothy Elliot said...

Donna deary, you should try watching a tv show and then--wait for it--not writing about it. Just once of course, so you can see how the rest of the population gets by. ;)

I hope that you finally get some well deserved down time by the end of the week.