Monday, September 7, 2009

One day shall ye rest

It was a slightly tense day today as our plans were beset by illness. The chili supper we'd been looking forward to at a friend's house was canceled because said friend was feeling under the weather. And Archer was running a fever of 102 this morning, even though he claimed to feel reasonably well. We dosed him with Tylenol before his sister and I set off for our morning at Mom's school.

The Tylenol did its thing and Archer was nearly his old self again for the rest of the day. His running commentary on Mario Party 8, the U.S. Open, and facts about the human body's waste elimination system (learned from a book in his room during naptime) continued as usual with barely a break. If it weren't for the very occasional sniffles, sneezes, and coughs, and if it weren't for his preference for lying curled up on the couch rather than spinning autistically around the room, you'd never know he was sick.

At school, Archer's been collecting play-money coins for good behavior. (Bad behavior has been "taxed," he tells us, although he seems to have escaped taxation thus far.) Wednesday is the day the money is to be counted and a reward bestowed on the coin champion. Nothing motivates Archer like accumulating money, so he's been looking forward to the culmination of the coin program ever since it began. I hope his condition improves from here rather than worsening; I know it would be terribly disappointing to him if he were kept home from school on such a big day.

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