Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter has come and gone. There are twenty-odd colored and hardboiled eggs in the refrigerator. And that means it is my favorite eating season of the year: deviled egg time.

What is it about a deviled egg? The way the yolk mingles with the indulgent fats and oils of the mayonnaise and the spiciness of the mustard, making a creamy, piquant filling. The way that flavor and texture is supported and balanced by the neutral, firm egg white cup.

I've infected my children with my deviled egg love. After I made the treats, Cady Gray called me back to the bedroom to witness some achievement she'd unlocked on her computer game. Archer came bouncing in a few minutes later. "Deviled eggs toniiight!" he said, with a celebratory quaver in his voice.

Deviled eggs are a warm weather food, for picnics and dinners with the windows open. We could have them all year round -- eggs and boiling water are always available. But isn't it wonderful to look forward to them as a spring specialty, a taste of breezes and sun and that aroma right after lightning? On the other hand, deviled eggs with every meal, from January to December ... now there's an idea.

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Jenn said...

<3 deviled eggs. They are sort of a pain to make, and usually I prefer to use up eggs baking instead of taking out a dozen in a whack, but mmm...when we have extra eggs, we devil them.