Friday, April 16, 2010

Flying solo

Noel is in Nashville for the weekend to attend the Nashville Film Festival, see friends and family, and take care of some business. With my blessing, I might add, since I've had a couple of weekends away recently and have left him with the kids.

And I've been looking forward to my turn at home, I must admit. Cady Gray and I have not gotten a chance to indulge in some extended crafting for quite a while. Archer has spent the whole week doing Benchmark testing, a high-stakes and high-stakes schedule, and I want to let him know how proud I am of him by spending some quality time together.

When I asked Archer on the way home from school whether there was anything special he'd like to do to celebrate his great job on the Benchmark, he said, "We could play some Crazy Dice Math." I'm always amused when he asks for a reward that is so mundane. Yes, we can play Crazy Dice Math, honey, but I'm also thinking I might take him to the arcade for some real live pinball.

My weekend will differ from the normal two-person parenting format in that I'll have to get up early with the kids every day, won't get any breaks when they go somewhere or I do, and will be responsible for all their meals. But not expecting anything different, I hope I'll appreciate and enjoy every second with my wonderful children. And then look forward to having my own break after Noel gets back on Monday.

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