Saturday, April 3, 2010



I sometimes feel guilty about taking so many more pictures of my daughter than my son. My excuse is that she's just so blessedly photogenic. Not that Archer doesn't take a good picture, but something in Cady Gray's ever-blossoming beauty appeals to me. I feel it's always on the verge of slipping away, so I race to document it, only to find she glows more day by day.


Today we took the kids to Easter activities at the local library. Here's CG displaying her haul of plastic eggs (most, we would later discover, with Laffy Taffy inside).


See, I do take pictures of Archer sometimes. Especially if he's got his arm around his sister.


I defy you to find a scarier looking Easter Bunny. But you probably didn't even notice him because Cady Gray's adorableness is so blinding.


The flash on my old point-and-shoot is pretty terrible. Normally I avoid using it at all costs, as every picture taken with it suffers from terminal ugliness. But there she is, making it work.


Here she waits patiently -- and cutely -- for this little suction-cup-bunny-on-a-spring to pop back up. (Either the spring was insufficiently powerful or the suction was too much so; it never did.)


Archer, I apologize for neglecting you. I'll make it up to you, buddy. Just one more shot of your sister, and then it's your turn, I promise.

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