Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dash for the eggs

Easter egg hunts, in my experience as a parent, are typically more like Easter egg dashes. Eggs are strewn on the ground in plain sight, and kids are set loose to grab as many of them as they can. There's very little hunting involved.


I've got a dash through this week, too. On Thursday I head to Atlanta for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday meetings with the AAR board of directors and regional directors.


But first, I've got to pause and pick up a few eggs along the way: teaching class, meeting a few writing deadlines, hosting a guest speaker on campus the last night.


After I get back, Noel will be off to the Nashville Film Festival the following weekend. To get through all these tasks and keep the household functioning, it will take teamwork.


At the end, I hope there will be a basket full of treats for me!

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