Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lobster chess

I'm not sure what Arkansas Benchmark practice prompt was the impetus for the following piece of writing by Archer. But his teacher noted at the end: "Archer, I loved your writing! You used lots of details and author's craft! You are going to do great on the test next week! I'm so proud of you!"
I was by the lake on March 23, 2010 at 3:05:52 pm when suddenly it happened. A lobster crawl out. His name is ... I dare say it ... 01010. 01010 has a friend named 10101. Let's call them Onnie and Tyren.

The lake started to get wilder. Onnie was red and had sharp claw. Tyren was orange-red and had claws 10x sharper! You know what? I like Onnie, but I want to avoid getting clawed by Tyren. I'm probably going to die soon.

I tried to run away, but Tyren and Onnie chased after me. I tried taming them, but they dashed off. 2:30 minutes later, I started to talk them. But Tyren attacked back. I'm just about dead.

But now, everything stopped. I'm cold. Brrr. The temperature was absolute zero, which is -459 degrees F, which is -273 degrees C. At 4:10:05 pm, my mom and dad came over to me with dinner. I finished my dinner and dessert at 4:49:05 pm. At 5:10:09 pm, Tyren threatened to play chess, and the loser would get clawed. By Tyren.

Tyren made a few blunders in the opening and middle game, such as 10...Kf7?? and 13...K35??. It's the endgame now, and I just played 47 b8Q+. The winning move I made was 65 Qh7#. I defeated Tyren and Onnie.

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