Friday, April 30, 2010


Some things that we do for ourselves are not really optional. If we didn't do them, we'd hate ourselves or go crazy. But some things that we do for ourselves are truly little selfish gifts. Here are a few.
  • The recliner. Sure, I could sit in the corner of the sectional couch, and I did for years. But the recliner ... ahhhhhhh.
  • A pastry for breakfast. A yogurt or cereal bar would fill me up just as well and twice as healthily. It's nice to start the day with a treat, though, isn't it?
  • Sleeping in. Human beings can live while getting up every morning before 8 am. Do you want to?
  • Wearing a bracelet or necklace. Earrings aren't optional; if you forget them, you appear to have gotten dressed in too big a hurry. Other jewelry and accessories exist to make you feel special.
What do you give to yourself on a regular basis?

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