Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Notes from all over

Herewith an update on matters large and small that have gone unnoticed in this space while I was ranting about writing and updating my knitting blog.
  • We have a new roof. The house has been painted. And even though there's plenty more to do to get this place shipshape, I feel like a semi-responsible homeowner for the first time in years.
  • Easter means video of the kids' many, many egg hunts. Easter also means deviled eggs, my all-time favorite food. If there are any deviled-egg-eating contests out there, I believe I could be a serious contender.
  • My favorite Wii Fit activity is rhythm boxing. It's a little pathetic how proud I am when the trainer gives me a grudging "Nice job" at the end.
  • Like most places, our university is trying to do more with less -- actually, to live within its means for the first time in years. That's causing stress and frustration in our unit as we deal with cuts that can seem short-sighted and arbitrary. In that environment, a simple e-mail from another department head promising to consider a change in the way we share resources gives me a lift quite out of proportion to the potential for meaningful results.

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