Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend accomplishments

  1. Assembled a three-shelf bookcase for Cady Gray's room.
  2. Reported on the manufacturer's web site that left panel A was broken in the other three-shelf bookcase that I had hoped to assemble.
  3. Finished my first (probably not last) Flippants.
  4. Wore said Flippants to church.
  5. Took kids to playground.
  6. Endured kids yelling to each other over walkie talkies: " ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?! "
  7. Marveled at my new 4 GB compact flash card. Almost 2000 photographs on the highest resolution of which my camera is capable. $13.50.
  8. Wrote today's blog post, about leftover yarn and oversized sandals, at Toxophily.

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