Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On the road again

Another short but eventful week at work leads to another early departure tomorrow for Montreal. I'll start my meetings Thursday evening, at dinner, and continue almost straight through to Sunday noon.

Even though I'm ready to settle back into the semester (with only a few weeks of classes left, it's about time), I'm still looking forward to this week's travel. The destination is a wonderful hotel in a wonderful city, and we have important work to do while we're there. Amazingly, I'm not terribly behind with my students' work; it helps that their major papers are not due until next week at the earliest.

Here's hoping for a smooth getaway tomorrow (bad thunderstorms in the forecast, but I'm crossing my fingers that it won't delay me), an uneventful crossing of the border, and time to think, read, knit, and prepare for the tasks ahead of me.

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