Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At the end of the tunnel

Tonight is the last night I'll be alone at home with the kids. If all goes well, Noel will be coming back home tomorrow.

And just in time. The weather is forecast to turn nasty tomorrow evening, with freezing rain changing to snow overnight. It seems likely that school will be canceled, at least for the kids and perhaps for me too, on Friday.

To make it home, Noel has to get up at 4:45 am and catch a shuttle from Park City to Salt Lake City, the nearest major airport. Then he flies to Denver, and from there to Little Rock.

I'm confident that everything will go smoothly, but just in case there are delays, I'm going to be putting out a Facebook message to see if I can snag a babysitter to be on emergency standby for tomorrow night. I have class scheduled from 6-9 pm, and unless the roads are already bad, canceling it isn't really an option; there are only 14 classes in the semester, and I'm only leading half of them.

It's been a remarkably easy week. Yes, it's wearying to get up at the crack of dawn every single day, make all the meals, do all the pickups and drop-offs, and perform all my normal chores as well without any hope of relief. But my children are truly a joy to be around. I loved spending time with them and getting to listen to their stories and ideas. And they're easy to supervise at this age. If the most stressful part of childcare is making sure the snacks are ready when they get home from school, you've got it pretty soft.

So fly well and drive safe, Noel. We are ready to have you back so you can take over the lion's share of this job once again. And so I can sleep late on Saturday.

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