Friday, January 8, 2010

Deep freeze

Since the cold snap settled into Arkansas last week, I've avoided writing about how cold it is. Well, that ends now. It's too cold to ignore.

The lows have been in the single digits for the last few days, with highs in the 20's. The line carrying condensation from our furnace to the outside of the house freezes overnight, meaning that every time the pump comes on to push the condensation out, we hear a sudden spray as the water backs up in the line and leaks out. When I walk from the car to the office, the unbelievably bitter cold wind gives me an instant headache.

We've got a couple more days of this before temperatures rise above freezing during the day. I am happy to curl up on the couch with my working furnace and double-paned windows and knitting, but I'm getting tired of spending a minimum of time outdoors -- of not being free to walk to school or run with Archer, or do anything than park as close to the door as possible and rush inside to the warmth. Maybe by Monday. Meanwhile, you'll find me under the blankets.

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Ali said...

And someone took Jude's coat home with them from school yesterday! Pretty cold weather to be dressing him in the light jackets we have left... :(