Monday, January 11, 2010

Nothing suits me like a suit

Noel and I have had a lot of fun watching and rewatching How I Met Your Mother's one hundredth episode, which we received on a screener DVD prior to the holidays.

This is a show that I dearly love, one that can be as sharp and inventive as the half-hour televised comedy ever has been, and one that features the immense talents of our generation's consummate entertainer, Neil Patrick Harris.

Tonight's episode showcases NPH in his element: the Broadway-style musical number. And it does so with all the verve and giddy enthusiasm that you'd hope. Maybe you've missed Harrismania since it got underway a few years back. If so, I recommend you enjoy Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and the closing credits of the 2009 Tony Awards. Then check out "Girls Vs. Suits." My gushing recap can be found here at the TV Club. Sing along!

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