Sunday, January 17, 2010

Looking for Miss Golden Globes

I'll be trading quips and snark (with a smattering of real entertainment enthusiasm) at the AV Club's TV Club, as we liveblog the Golden Globe awards. It's an awards show that has very little prestige or cachet -- but it does have the advantage of coming first in the crowded awards season. And I actually enjoy the mix of movie and television stars it attracts, giving us for one night the illusion that all our moving-picture entertainment favorites live in one big happy family.

Too much typing is scheduled for tonight for me to provide a real essay of any kind here. But I'll leave you with one observation: When an actor who has no trouble getting work in the movies appears on television in a regular role, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I think it's because the stepchild medium of the industry is acquiring the respect of those who in previous generations would have considered themselves too good for it. My love of television is validated by their gracious and wholehearted participation. And that means there's all the more love to spread around to everyone working long hours to entertain me. See you on the red carpet!

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