Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Knit one, teach four

There's an absolutely beautiful LYS (local yarn store) on St. Simon's Island. It's called The Stitchery, and to walk inside is to be inspired. Floor-to-ceiling shelves of Cascade, Araucania, Malabrigo, and (it being the balmy seashore) cotton and linen of all kinds.

So I don't just credit my own gifts of knitted accessories this Christmas for my two sister-in-laws' desire to learn to knit. They had ample temptation in the bins and shop samples of The Stitchery.

Some of it was the gorgeous, buttery Malabrigo Worsted that they picked out for their first garter stitch scarves. But can I admit to a touch of pride that I taught them to knit?

Karen learned to knit.

Dawn learned to knit. (Although I could use her help taking a decent picture.)

Even my camera-shy mom learned to knit. And although it was harder for her because of problems she's been experiencing with her grip, she not only kept doggedly at it, but even went back to the LYS after I left to get more help and advice.

But best of all, Cady Gray learned to knit.

She took to it like a fish to water, if I might say so without undue pride.

It's her own pride that really makes it worthwhile. As we knit, she tells me how she knows what steps come next and how she is reading her knitting to see when she makes a mistake and how to fix it. And I tell her how wonderful she is, and she smiles and knits another stitch.

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