Monday, January 25, 2010


Current weather in Park City, Utah, where Noel trudges from film to film all the live-long day: 21 degrees. Forecast for tomorrow: snow showers.

Current weather in Conway, Arkansas, where I shuttle children to and from their school in a Honda Civic: 42 degrees. Forecast for tomorrow: sunny.

But I am chilled to the bone after today's relatively balmy temperatures. The wind was positively Arctic, and no matter how brief the walk -- to the mailbox, to the restaurant, to the parking lot -- I felt like a long soak in a hot tub afterwards.

While Noel puts on long underwear and snow boats, I'm sitting in a 72-degree house under a blanket with a microwaveable heated bag draped around my neck. And I'm thinking about turning on the fireplace.

Clearly conditions here are nothing like those Noel will experience for the next couple of days before he comes home to these warmer climes. That's not stopping me from cowering indoors and complaining to anyone within the range of my voice. And that now includes you, reader! I expect ample validation for my hothouse-flower constitution in the comments.

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