Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow day

It's been a day on edge. Freezing rain and snow has been in the forecast for sometime today or tonight since early in the week. Noel started back from Utah early in the morning and had a couple of stops on his way back.

Questions ruled the day. Would Noel run into delays? Would the weather impede his travels? Would he get back in time for me to make my 6 pm evening class? I spent the day watching Twitter for Noel's updates to make sure he was still on track, and trying to line up emergency standby babysitters in case I had to leave for my class before he returned.

In the end, everything happened exactly as planned. Noel landed on time, and when I got home from picking up the kids, he was unloading his luggage.

Well, almost everything. We had dinner (Noel cooked! woo-hoo!) and I left for my class. Along with my students, I started watching Sunset Boulevard. About an hour and fifteen minutes into the film, there was a buzz growing among the students. One of them held up a cell phone with a text message on it, gave me the thumbs up sign, and mouthed "Campus closed tomorrow!" I stopped the movie so everyone could get their cheering over with. A few minutes later, my phone buzzed with the text from the campus notification system.

I drove home in a cold wind, but with no precipitation. Dry streets, not a drop of rain, let alone ice. It's the first time I can remember school being canceled before the inclement weather even started. I'm sure I'll wake up to slick streets and the forecast wintry mix, but wouldn't it be funny if my kids had to go to school and I didn't?

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