Saturday, October 8, 2011


I had to work hard to figure out how to participate in Dish Rag Tag V this year.  The game started in late August as it always does, but it was difficult to get a slot in the running order that didn't risk the box arriving while I was out of town.  In fact, I almost didn't join the race this year for fear I would let my team down.  Then on the verge of signups being filled, I caved.  I couldn't let dishcloths be knit in a competitive relay fashion without me.

And look -- six weeks later, here I am on the third highest step of the awards podium!  My team, Purls Gone Wild, came in third.  In reality we tied with another team, but because of the well-established rules of Dish Rag Tag, the box on the bottom of the mailbox, the one that the postman put in there first, is counted as finishing first in that day's standings.

I'm just happy to medal at all, after a scary interlude one knitter from the finish line when the box stubbornly refused to leave the Bozeman, Montana post office. And I'm especially happy because this year's prizes for win, place and show are Dish Rag Tag tote bags.  The only thing better than cheering on your teammates and knitting your bit is winning a prize that tells everybody that sees it that it's a prize for winning a race!

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