Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yipes, stripes

It was a beautiful warm autumn day.  There happened to be a stadium a five minute walk from our house with a football game in it.  So we went.


We had general admission tickets, so it was up to the top of the home stands with us.


Here come your UCA Bears!


You may have noticed something strange about the field.  Yep, they replaced the grass with purple and gray striped turf before this season.  It's ... striking.


There were free bam-bam sticks.


Which were a big hit.


And there was a football field of real grass, for a change, to run across as we left, recreating the 98-yard fumble return for a touchdown that the Bears accomplished on their field.


"This has been a good day," Cady Gray proclaimed at dinner.  I have to agree.  Days don't get much better.

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Doc Thelma said...

Wow. The purple field is something. The Bears probably have an advantage during the first few minutes, anyway, while the visiting team recovers from the shock.

It reminds me of Paul and Paula, the purple pandas from Planet Purple, in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood of Make-believe.