Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Japan: The Food

I tried to remember to take a picture of every meal I ate in Japan.  Skipped a bunch of breakfasts since they were similar, and most of the snacks too, but here's a sampling.

Minced tuna, prawn & avocado spring roll
Minced tuna roll, prawn and avocado spring rolls.

Noodle bowl
Pork noodle bowl at the Sophia University cafeteria.

Fish roe, octopus, jellyfish
Fish roe, octopus, jellyfish.

Cuttlefish with egg dip
Cuttlefish with egg sauce.

Assorted sushi.

Champagne mousse and mussel soup
Champagne mouse and mussel soup.

My sushi lunch 2
Sushi lunch purchased on street outside of university, a bit the worse for being carried around.

Chinese lunch
Sweet and sour chicken and egg drop soup at a Chinese place.

Dinner at onsen
Seafood salad, tofu two ways, duck, fugu at the onsen.

Narita sushi bar
Salmon sushi and tuna roll at Narita airport sushi bar.

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It looks octolicious.