Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend of me!

My birthday is Sunday, and as has become customary among my students and friends, I'm extending the celebration over more than just the actual day.  On Facebook I read about people taking whole birthday weeks.  I couldn't manage that -- way too much to do this week, and I am proud that I took care of business for so much of it -- but I can reserve the weekend for all things Donna, and so I have.

Well, I would have, if the publicity machine at a certain network whose prestige program I recap weekly had sent me a screener so I could watch it and write about it during the week.  Since that didn't happen, I am having to watch it and write about it this weekend, which will cut into the Weekend of Me for at least three or four hours.  Still, it's the season finale, which means I won't have to worry about this again until next year, so I don't begrudge the intrusion of work too much.

What's the agenda for the Weekend of Me?  I'm ready to start a new knitting project, which is always an exciting and rewarding moment.  I've got a stack of comics to read, including some graphic novels that Noel has been recommending highly.  I'm going out to dinner with my husband, and I would like to play video games with my son and knit with my daughter.  It's nothing too different from a regular weekend, except that I'll be taking a special birthday satisfaction in it all.

I invite you to celebrate the Weekend of Me with me!  Except that for you, it will be the weekend of Donna.  An apt time to think about how I have made your life better, and honor me with appropriate leisure activities.  Enjoy!

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