Sunday, January 6, 2008

Archer employs conversational gambits

Gambit #1

The setting: A family restaurant where we are meeting two other families with young children for dinner. Archer is seated at one end of the long table, next to Griffin's mom. Griffin is down at the other end, out of earshot.

Griffin's mom turns to Archer.

Griffin's mom: So Archer, how was your Christmas?
Archer: Very good.
Archer: (with studied yet casual adult inflection) So, what's Griffin been up to?

Gambit #2

Ten minutes later. Griffin has moved over to sit between his mom and Archer.

Griffin: I got this and that and the other thing, and we went to see my grandma and grandpa, etc. etc.
(Pause. It's Archer's turn to propose a topic.)
Archer: What are the factors of thirty?

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