Wednesday, January 16, 2008

She lives to dance

Note: While Noel is in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, this blog will consist mainly of Cute Things The Kids Do, in order to make him feel maximum affection for the home he's left behind.

Who knows where kids pick up the conventions of their culture?

When I got home today, Archer and Cady Gray were (as has been their custom recently) planning a picnic in the kitchen. As soon as I arrived, Archer announced excitedly that there would be dancing at the picnic, and Cady Gray enthusiastically ordered us all back to her room for a dancing lesson.

She stood on her little stepstool and took on the role of teacher.

"Nahhhw claahhhhhhss," she intoned, elongating her mouth as much as she could, "the first daahhhnce move is twirling one tahhhhhme."

She was the very picture of an aristocratic, vaguely European dance teacher, all patrician accent and artistic temperament. Where she picked up that stereotype of a dance teacher, I can only guess -- some TV show she watched, no doubt.

I must admit that by the time I was being told to "raaahhhck it ten tahhhhhmes," the illusion had worn off just a bit. But there's still something charming about the perpetuation of a classic comic stereotype by a three-year-old girl. Perhaps our shared cultural heritage of character types will continue for another generation.

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