Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ummmm ...

I can't think. I spent the day furiously writing various pieces of text for memos and faculty senate position papers and class assignments, and failed to write at least one recommendation letter that I had promised. I performed twice -- once at a instructional development luncheon for faculty led by the Honors College, and then six hours later at the annual "best movies of the year" presentation Noel and I give to the students. We both have contracted numbing colds, and one of our bathrooms has developed disturbing plumbing projects. It looks like the digital broadcast of Lost from our local ABC station, which we TiVoed during our movie lecture, is pixelated and scrambled beyond all recognition, which is going to make it difficult for Noel to blog the show for the T.V. Club.

Snow is falling outside, and I'm all out of words. I think I'll fold some laundry, and try to figure out whether I would like school to be closed tomorrow or not. And hoping that all the good health and stuff-going-right vibes have moved up to Chicago for the duration, so that my dear friend can welcome his first baby into the world, sometime today or tomorrow, with nothing but joy.

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