Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lists lists and additional lists

Today's minimalist post, just for variety's sake, is at The Kniterati -- an invitation to reflect on new skills learned.

If you crave more stimulation than therein provided, might I direct you to the many fine Archies lists that have been posted as the year turns?
  • Steph enjoys many food items
  • Paul had to make an extra list just for movie stuff
  • Greg appreciates music
  • Petunia Town Girl brings the commentary and the copious links
  • Eric overachieved with four separate posts of 2007 stuff to contemplate (a technical violation, but I'll allow it)
  • Update! I don't think Amelie has ever read this blog, but she prospectively gets into the spirit of the Archies here, in her own inimitable Hateriffic fashion, of course.
And that's not to mention the folks that left theirs in the comments or posted them on private blogs. Don't you want to join the fun? You have until the end of the month, but why not get out your ol' list-making pencil, lick the tip in a businesslike fashion, and commence a-listin'?

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Stuff said...

I just had to laugh and laugh at that summary. How true it is in life and on my post.