Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Of football and feminism fatale

Time once again for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Letter Of The Week! Today's installment: Let us learn the lessons of Tony Romo before it is too late for our country.

More than game at risk

The recent Cowboy loss is all the more fitting and ironic amid the Jessica Simpson controversy as America’s team falls victim to the distraction concept.
To whatever degree one believes this factored in their defeat, or did not, two things stand out. One is that while with her, Tony Romo’s mind was not on the game. Two, she put her career above his. Both these smack of the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s and ’70s, now in its second generation.
All this comes as we prepare to elect the first woman president, born of the same era. We have since then elevated and promoted the influence of women. I saw in the Dallas-New York Giants game how that can affect events, and this has far more reach than the sports arena as alluded to earlier.
We are headed in the same direction and, in my view, with the same results, with social balance at stake instead of a playoff game.



W.E.B. Adamant said...

*rolls eyes* Lovely misogynist comments, Jimmie. Idiot.

Hope your writing class is going well!

Eric Grubbs said...

Wait, people in Arkansas care about our big little football team?

Victor said...

Actually, the writer's logic (and I don't have the contempt for it that Donna does) would seem to argue FOR putting Hillary ... (shudder) ... Clinton in the White House.

After all, if (1) marriage is a vocation itself, there are some vocations it might not be compatible with or (2) the pursuit of illicit sex (which is to say for the most part, the pursuit of women by horndog single men) is distracting and diverting ... then who better for the White House than (a) a woman who (b) has no minor children and a philandering husband.

katie j. said...

Well, if Jessica Simpson made the [I already forgot what team it is, sorry] lose at the football, then by all means, women should stay in the kitchen.

And when I think about Feminism, my next thought is *always* of Jessica Simpson.