Sunday, January 27, 2008

Requiescat in pace

Less than a week after Noel returned to us, he's off again -- and this time on a somber errand. His stepfather's father died last night after a short hospitalization. The memorial service is Wednesday in Nashville.

Alexander McDowell Smith, a retired stockbroker and an avid follower of the markets, was gracious enough to welcome me and our children into his extended family. He and his wife had no biological grandchildren, and so they embraced the children of their son's wife. They were generous always. I'm glad I got to know them in the years before illness began to claim their vitality.

Archer's middle name is Alexander, after Noel's stepfather, Alexander McDowell Smith, Jr. -- and therefore after his stepgrandfather as well. We were proud to carry on that name for them. This is a picture of the three generations of Alexanders, taken at Christmastime 2001. We'll miss you, Pops.


the secret knitter said...

My thoughts are with your family.

Kerry said...

What handsome men, standing all together. In knowing and loving someone, we carry them in our memory. But it sure is hard to let them go. My prayers are with your and Noel's family.

Eric Grubbs said...

Y'all are in my thoughts as well.

Cosmo DK said...

Donna - I'm doing family research for my girlfriend. We're trying to find out what happened to her mother's "Uncle Dow" of Nashville, whose wife was Angela (born in Kansas to Mexican parents). "Uncle Dow" was said to be Alexander McDowell Smith or something the like.

Angela's sisters haven't heard from her in a long time. Any chance that your sad note has led me to the right group of people?

Thanks for any help you can provide.