Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just the facts

Archer filled out a "Mommy Fact Sheet" at school. Here's how he sees me:
My mom's name is Donna Bowman.
She is 43 years old.
She is 6 feet 7 inches tall. [Not true.]
She weighs 150 pounds. [Close, and on the right side of close.]
Her hair color is Brown.
Her favorite food is Pizza. [I do like pizza.]
Her favorite thing to drink is Crystal Clear. [Nope.]
Her favorite thing to do at home is Knit sweaters & mittens.
Her favorite TV show is American Idle.
She likes to cook deviled eggs. [Yep!]
Her favorite hobby is knitting.
She likes to go to the library. [Yep!]
Her favorite thing about me is good as golds, no folder marks. [I need to work on praising him for something other than his behavior record at school, don't I?]

1 comment:

Adam Villani said...

If I were you I might inquire further about the height.