Sunday, May 10, 2009

Put them all together they spell mother

For Mother's Day I received:
  • A handmade card from Cady Gray with a heart and XO's on the front, and a picture of me building a five-shelf bookcase on the inside
  • A handmade card from Archer with a heart on the front, and reading inside: "Dear Mom -- You help me when I need it. I love you! Love, Archer. P.S. I owe you 1,000,000 Mom Bucks!"
  • My very own locally-produced Kris Allen "Kick Awesome" t-shirt
  • Sleeping Beauty, my favorite Disney movie, on Blu-Ray
  • An extra 90 minutes of sleep this morning
  • 90 minutes of time to myself this afternoon
  • Breakfast at Starbucks
  • Dinner at Fuji Steakhouse
  • The news that the flowers I ordered for my mother were delivered to the wrong address (not so awesome)
  • Star Trek (totally awesome)
Thank you, Noel and kids!

1 comment:

the secret knitter said...

Maybe I'm just dim, but what's the genesis of "Kick awesome"? I understand what it means, but I don't get it.