Monday, May 4, 2009

Winding down

It's exam week at my university. I've got two final exam periods to attend. both on Wednesday, and only one of them involves actual student performance that needs to be assessed (low-stakes assessment at that). Before Wednesday there are just a few tasks on my plate:
  1. Finish grading student work from earlier in the semester.
  2. Create a brief assessment rubric for the group presentations that will take place during one of the exam periods.
  3. Read four theses that have been nominated for an award.
  4. Design and print certificates for the winning team in that group presentation event.
All of those tasks are theoretically due by Wednesday. So what did I do today? Let's take a detailed look at my decision tree.
  1. Grading student work? Well, my teaching assistant hasn't caught up with the one new paper that's been posted. That's really the important stuff; the few journals I haven't read are pretty insignificant. Besides, I'll end up doing most of this on Thursday, Friday, and Monday since there will be several papers turned in right before the deadline. Verdict: Postpone.
  2. Assessment rubric? This won't be hard. I've got a vague idea already. I do need to send it to the evaluators tomorrow, but it'll only take ten minutes to pull together. Verdict: Postpone.
  3. Read theses? I want to start with the one that's mostly a film. I put the DVD of that film in my bag so I can look at it tonight. Verdict: Progress made.
  4. Design certificates? Now that looks like fun. Verdict: About two hours spent on this task this afternoon -- Completed!
And as it turned out, that's all the time I had available in my day after taking Cady Gray to the park for her final preschool field day and before coming home to take Archer to his play rehearsal. After marking the most insignificant item off my list, I'm feeling mighty accomplished. Time for a break!

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