Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Past and future

Hooray, Noel is home! And just in time, because I don't think I could take the tension of tonight's American Idol finale on my own.

To celebrate, here are a couple of pieces of writing (both graded "Advanced") that Archer brought home from school -- one looking back (apparently a rewrite of a piece we've already seen, unless he just has no more ideas for topics), and one looking ahead.

I was so excited about my birthday party. My and my sister's friends came to Jump!Zone for my party. I jumped in the inflatables and played in the arcade and had birthday cake and opened presents. My stay was 2:30 pm to 4:00. In AIR HOCKEY, I got 7 of 7 points and Noel got 6 of 7 points.


I want a dog for a pet. I'd play Fetch with him. I'd want it because they have collars, medallions, and leashes. It would be white with brown spots. I'd get it for $7.99 at the pet shop. I think I'd love my dog!

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